Feel the Love, Share the Love

Feel the Love, Share the Love

Would you like to show your love for the Hebden Bridge Parade?

Here’s the deal, although we’ve been able to secure funding from Arts Council England and Hebden Royd Town Council for the 7th Hebden Bridge Parade (on June 8), our funds are still only at two thirds of previous years! And you know what, this is a constant struggle for us.

So this is what we’d like to suggest: we would LOVE you to be our s/hero by pledging £5 a month to the parade helping it not only in 2014, but being part of the long-term funding it needs on an ongoing basis. You will receive a fancy pants window sticker, a special mention on the Handmade Parade website and a free pass to the open workshops for your troubles and we’ll love you right back!


We’d also like to invite our lovely local businesses to give something to the parade which we know brings tens of thousands of pounds to the town on parade day: how about donating £15 a month if you’re a small business, or £25 a month if you’re bigger. We’ll give you a Handmade Parade window sticker for your business to encourage parade supporters into your shop.

Loads of you tell us you can’t imagine a summer without a parade but the reality is that every year it’s touch and go if we can make it happen. By donating just £5 a month – the price of a couple of cappuccinos – you’ll be helping make sure the parade stays a permanent feature in our community. Love it, support it, simple…

You can sign up to the campaign at the Local Giving website. Just go to ‘Give Monthly’ and follow the instructions. All money raised will be used for the Hebden Bridge parade.

Photo by Craig Shaw

Written by Handmade Parade