Handmade Flags Launches

Handmade Flags Launches

Handmade Flags our new flag hire business had our first event today! Since the very first Hebden Bridge Handmade Parade, we’ve always made flags and banners as part of our events. Over the years, we’ve made several sets which we’ve used year after year.

As Handmade Parade has grown from one event a year to several projects throughout the year, our costs to keep running throughout the year has increased. To help us be a bit more sustainable, we’ve been looking for more opportunities to expand our earned income base.

With seed money from Community Foundation for Calderdale and the Yorkshire Venture Philanthropy Program, we have been able to invest in new equipment, materials and artists’ time to expand our stock of flags, hire a designer to create a logo and a website for this new wing of our company and an organiser’s time to oversee the project.

Left Bank Leeds approached us a second year to help with their Amazing Graze event. Last year, we make some lanterns with them and brought some of our pyramid lanterns to help decorate their space. This year, we thought it would be the perfect showcase for our new venture as it has both indoor and outdoor spaces to decorate.

Gil Burns and Kathy Kim made some fantastic new flags and Ian Broscomb made some fabulous bespoke new ground stakes and flag swivel arms.

With the new photos we took today, the website will be ready to launch in the next couple of weeks (not live yet, for now, go to this page). We are hopeful that this will lead to booking from festivals and events throughout the region and beyond. We’re already looking forward to the next flags outing: decorating Pollination Street in Todmorden for the Fantastical Cycle Parade.

Written by Handmade Parade