We bring people together to co-create wonderful art and spectacular events that animate spaces, connecting people to places and telling stories that reflect people’s lives.

We work with people to create amazing spectacles that break down the distance between audience and performer, creating powerful memories. We take our work  into the street, reclaiming public spaces for people and art. We uphold a social change agenda and prioritise opportunities that work to change society and people’s lives for the better


We run two signature events locally, the Hebden Bridge Handmade Parade, and the Lamplighter festival in Todmorden.

We’re busy all year round working with other communities, from all around the UK and across the world. If you want to make something magical happen in your community, we’d love to get creative with you!

To talk about how we can work together, email us, or call 01422 844154.


The Hebden Bridge Handmade Parade is an annual celebration of funkiness, the art of the handmade and is a LOT of fun!

The magic happens in three weeks of workshops, open to anyone who wants to make costumes, parade art or help create giant puppets. With a crack team of local professional carnival artists, volunteers, guest artists and some amazing street bands, we create a spectacle where up to a thousand people dance their way down the streets of Hebden Bridge, watched by thousands.

Outreach Workshops

Our artists can come to you! If you’re a community centre or organisation, or a school, our artists would love to work with you at a time and place that suits you. We’ll bring all the materials you’ll need for a couple of hours or a day of fun and new experiences. To set up outreach workshops and find out about cost, contact jude@handmadeparade.co.uk.

If you’d like to make your own costumes at home, school (or even work!) and join us on parade day, please remember our two rules: No words or logos. No motorised vehicles.

The Lamplighter guides us through the darkest months of the year.

Led by the beautiful Lamplighter puppet, we light up Todmorden with a lantern parade, fire performers, street bands, illuminated installations and great food, and hundreds of lanterns made by you! Building on the huge success of the 2012 Valley of Lights, it’s become an annual ritual that guides us through the dark times.

In celebration of the Tour de France in Yorkshire, the Fantastical Cycle Parade was a glorious ride through the streets of Todmorden with bicycles, tricycles, scooters, prams and wheelchairs transformed into all manner of strange and wonderful creatures, bugs and beasts.

Street performers and some surprising pedal-powered contraptions popped up throughout Todmorden town centre including art, performance and music by SkibandHandmade Samba BandThingumajig TheatreSpacecadets and Granny Turismo!

Want to see who made it happen? Take a look HERE.

To talk about a commission or working with us, no mater what stage you’re at please email us on: